Sunday Songs: Interpol – “Evil”


Some days, you just don’t have a song in your head. Some days, you’re busy scheming and (Photo)shopping and enjoying the sounds of a baseball game or two on your TV, and music doesn’t factor into the equation.

But there’s always a baseline. Or, in this case, a bass line.


Ten years now. For ten years, I’ve noticed that, in still moments, those moments when there’s nothing to do but tap your toes or rap a pen against a table, no matter what rhythm I start with, it inevitably reverts to that of the bass line from Interpol’s Evil.

I can’t explain this. I rarely listen to the song any more, and I’m not the kind of person to think there’s some sort of omen in the fact that a song with that title resides within my subconscious, waiting for any opportunity to manifest.

Sometimes, there’s a lesson to be found, a grand insight to receive. Sometimes, things just are.

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